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Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

The Story of a Child Kost

Selasa, 04 Mei 2010 - by story my life · - 0 Comments
I am a vocational high school students are more prakerind (internship) in Semarang. Here I was boarding with my friend one person. I prakerind for two months in the city of Semarang. But my boarding place close to where prakerind including me so no need to bring the motor. So every morning I was just walking with my friends. I went in at half past nine prakerind already have on-time at my home prakerind and not necessarily because I prakerind become a designer.
In this case I was a new idea is much the same if the parents are not very good. Although I give money every month on a million but still not good because I had to adjust my spending so that money is not discharged within a month. Here, I only eat tempeh with side if at home when I'm happy to eat fried chicken, fried fish, and catfish pecel.

Huft .... pity really me ... hehehehe. But maybe I am in a way that we can live simply and not wasteful ....

That's my short story into a child boarding. Thus the story if there is one word I apologize profusely.

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

Best place Adsense Ad Put On Forum

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010 - by story my life · - 0 Comments
According to the information and test results and analysis, has been found that the forum using the phpBB script, it is potentially produces a large CTR in the left column instead of putting in another place. But the total CTR is generated in a forum, a little less well than the non-forum pages.

But anyways, the forum can produce CPM more convincingly. So do not forget to activate the Image Ads, you do not forget to choose the size ad unit that supports Image Ads.

Ad Untit include:

Leaderboard (728x90)

Banner (468x60)

Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

Medium Rectangle (300x250)


Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Is Adsense That ?

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010 - by story my life · - 0 Comments
Adsense is a program of cooperation via internet advertising that is done by the google. Adsense advertising program, the owner of the website or blog that has been registered and approved to be members can place an ad unit that shape and determine the material has been in google in their web pages. Owner of the site or blog (publisher) will receive revenue in the form of profit sharing units loyal google ad is clicked by visitors to the site, known as pay-per-click system.

In addition to providing ads - ads with pay-per-click system, also provides google adsense adsense for search and referral ads. At the adsense for search, web site owners can install the google search box on their web pages.

The site owner will get revenue from Google for each search that will be undertaken visitors through the search box, which continues to click on ads that come on the search. On referral ads, site owners will receive an income after click on the ad continues with specific actions by visitors who have been agreed between google with these advertisers.


Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Ads Ranking

Minggu, 27 Desember 2009 - by story my life · - 0 Comments
This is my last posting in the adsense feature labels. So do not be discouraged more adsense tips that I will discuss. Only told me do not forget to visit continues to blog REVOLUTION BIRU. Ranking Ads feature we can say that enough membanu generate more dollars on our Adsense. Ads details of how this ranking? do not worry at this  REVOLUION BIRU blog will provide knowledge about the adsense feature.

In this feature is no interface and run by a robot, the Create Ads menmpilkan Adsense ads - ads that are compatible with our site and give your ads - ads that are most popular and best selling to always appear on our site.

So that display ads on the robot's Adsense advertising GOOGLE is a suitable and lots of clicks or sekal viewed by visitors. So GOOGLE will always show it. Later ads will appear with a good performance and good on the site. We might feel more dollars into the pocket mask. Maybe Google makes this feature so that publishers may not disappointed with the features of "SMART PRICING" which has been discussed previously.


Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Smart Pricing

Kamis, 17 Desember 2009 - by story my life · - 1 Comment
Hello all bloggers ... I do not get bored with the name Google adsense. Because the adsense program can produces a lot of money by providing advertising services are weighted. And I hope you do not get bored visiting this blog REVOLUSION BIRU.

Through this feature, appears to be beneficial services advertiser, but will harm any publisher, but from our perspective, it seems this feature is fair. With this feature, we would not want to throw the aa adsense code in our site. That's one smart way to raise our pricing. But pubisher not given in the data and not provide access to data that show and explain about the site which led to smart pricing low.

If we are not ignoring Smart Pricing, the kit would know why. So, we have only two alternatives, to join the money-producing program, or stick with this feature. I own more teap suggest that we should hold on Adsense world.


Selasa, 15 Desember 2009


Selasa, 15 Desember 2009 - by story my life · - 1 Comment
Old blogger friend I did not post the article. This time I will post an article related to Google Adsense. Inside this post you can get a lot of money, because in this post telling you get adsense style. Welcome to my blog REVOLUSION BIRU.

Channels used to track activities google adsense ads we place on a particular site. But at BLUE REVOLUSION this blog will discuss in detail about the features of this adsense. Channels is very important, because we can see which sites and optimal income, also could see which sites are less than optimal, leading to Smart Pricing (will be discussed after this.

Around October 2006, Channels provides a new breakthrough. Before the month, we can only use channels only one URL for each ad ADSENSE. Now we can enter more than one URL (up to 200 URLs) that we want to come along tracks on our Adsense ads related.