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Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Ads Ranking

This is my last posting in the adsense feature labels. So do not be discouraged more adsense tips that I will discuss. Only told me do not forget to visit continues to blog REVOLUTION BIRU. Ranking Ads feature we can say that enough membanu generate more dollars on our Adsense. Ads details of how this ranking? do not worry at this  REVOLUION BIRU blog will provide knowledge about the adsense feature.

In this feature is no interface and run by a robot, the Create Ads menmpilkan Adsense ads - ads that are compatible with our site and give your ads - ads that are most popular and best selling to always appear on our site.

So that display ads on the robot's Adsense advertising GOOGLE is a suitable and lots of clicks or sekal viewed by visitors. So GOOGLE will always show it. Later ads will appear with a good performance and good on the site. We might feel more dollars into the pocket mask. Maybe Google makes this feature so that publishers may not disappointed with the features of "SMART PRICING" which has been discussed previously.