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Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Smart Pricing

Hello all bloggers ... I do not get bored with the name Google adsense. Because the adsense program can produces a lot of money by providing advertising services are weighted. And I hope you do not get bored visiting this blog REVOLUSION BIRU.

Through this feature, appears to be beneficial services advertiser, but will harm any publisher, but from our perspective, it seems this feature is fair. With this feature, we would not want to throw the aa adsense code in our site. That's one smart way to raise our pricing. But pubisher not given in the data and not provide access to data that show and explain about the site which led to smart pricing low.

If we are not ignoring Smart Pricing, the kit would know why. So, we have only two alternatives, to join the money-producing program, or stick with this feature. I own more teap suggest that we should hold on Adsense world.


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Kl boleh kasih saran, artikel2-nya mnrt saya kurang informatif. Coba dech cari-2 referensi ttg SEO, backlink, contoh artikel. Salah satunya bisa ke blog saya :). Coba buka link yg ada di side bar blog saya. Mereka semua guru saya... sayapun msh newbie. Tetap semangat ya...