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Selasa, 15 Desember 2009


Old blogger friend I did not post the article. This time I will post an article related to Google Adsense. Inside this post you can get a lot of money, because in this post telling you get adsense style. Welcome to my blog REVOLUSION BIRU.

Channels used to track activities google adsense ads we place on a particular site. But at BLUE REVOLUSION this blog will discuss in detail about the features of this adsense. Channels is very important, because we can see which sites and optimal income, also could see which sites are less than optimal, leading to Smart Pricing (will be discussed after this.

Around October 2006, Channels provides a new breakthrough. Before the month, we can only use channels only one URL for each ad ADSENSE. Now we can enter more than one URL (up to 200 URLs) that we want to come along tracks on our Adsense ads related.


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