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Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

The Story of a Child Kost

I am a vocational high school students are more prakerind (internship) in Semarang. Here I was boarding with my friend one person. I prakerind for two months in the city of Semarang. But my boarding place close to where prakerind including me so no need to bring the motor. So every morning I was just walking with my friends. I went in at half past nine prakerind already have on-time at my home prakerind and not necessarily because I prakerind become a designer.
In this case I was a new idea is much the same if the parents are not very good. Although I give money every month on a million but still not good because I had to adjust my spending so that money is not discharged within a month. Here, I only eat tempeh with side if at home when I'm happy to eat fried chicken, fried fish, and catfish pecel.

Huft .... pity really me ... hehehehe. But maybe I am in a way that we can live simply and not wasteful ....

That's my short story into a child boarding. Thus the story if there is one word I apologize profusely.