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Selasa, 24 November 2009

Manage Ads

Previously I thank you because you want to read the article with tabels fitur adsense. REVOLUSION  BIRU in this blog you can find a label story and much more.
Before using the Manage Ads, we must previously have experience of adsense. For instance, when we want to change the form of Adsense, change colors, change the model, change it and change it, we must start from scratch.
From the menu setup adsense, Adsense model selection, replacement border, this and that, channels, and to get code. After Get Code? Done? Not yet, we still have to go to our site and change the code to be like javasriptnya we just change it manually. Not effective is not it?

Yes indeed effective. There is no solution? It's a big one! Around October 2007, Google introduced Manage Ads. With that we really made easy in processing ads, channel selection, border, and other warrants.

This new feature is very useful when you will make adunit, setup ads, also got the code. Setting process that the ad will also be in store by our adsense account. So if we want to change the rules again, we only need to manage through adsense account. We do not need to pace - down copy - paste into blogs we again manually. Remember with this feature we do not need to change the code manually javasript if you want to make changes to the ad ad units.