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Senin, 16 November 2009

Competitive Ad Filter

What is Competitive Ad Filter? CAF is a program from Google Adsense that can block ads that we do not want. For example if we have a blog antivirus, proficient in English and have at Adsection Targetting berries, there are only 1-2 ads that do not connect. such as keyword ads antiviral medicine, such as HIV ads, antiviral bird flu, or other. This is just for knowledge or for publisher advertising program adsense.
How to use this feature? Way, we have already logged into our adsense account then click Ad settings, and select the submenu Competitive Ad Filter. There was a large text box, we will write the URL address of the ads we want to blog.

Then we write, it will block ads from own, and also from the sub directory. If we write it will block ads from own, but had blocked into the directory.