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Kamis, 19 November 2009

Site Authentication

Friends - Friends bloggers this time I will post about Google Adsense. And I will give you tips and tricks google adsense in the next posting. Thus the visit continue to blog this REVOLUSION BIRU. Site Authentication, What is it? Before we see more of, let's imagine a little. For example we are the adsense crawler robot, we road - the road to the site to find a publisher contentextual ads that match the existing content on the publisher site.
However, when we get to a page that sensitive, maybe a page that contains the information for those in the select it, or the page only in the allocation for premium users (those who pay on our site), and the page affected blocks by a password, kia as the robots can not go there, and will also contetextual distorted ads and not in accordance with the content of our site.

How do I apply Auhenticaion Site? Here's our first entry into the Adsense Setup tab and instantly select the sub tab Site Authentication. There erdapat all four fields must be filled correctly, so that crawlers can enter adsense bot. There was the OK button to save the settings.