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Senin, 23 November 2009

Allowed Site

Before we read the adsense feature this time. I ask that you please get a friend, relative, or your boyfriend REVOLUSION BIRU visiting this blog. Because here is the original ads from adsense program and there is an interesting story.

Features of the release around the month of September 2007 has many benefits. Because, with this feature, I we'll terjaa from those who envy and intend to use our ads on sites that violate Adsense TOS (d sius porn, drugs, terrorists, and others.

Those who use our ad code, without permission will be immediately discovered and immediately enrolled in the list unathorized sites. To use it, ka lived in the Adsense Setup tab and enter the sub-tab Allowed site.

There will have two radio button options, select yag Allow only certain sites to show ads for my account. Then there will be no list box text box, fill it with texbox sites - sites that we believe, where we adsense ads can appear. Last press Save Changes.