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Kamis, 26 November 2009

Payment History

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Payment History is now easier to understand and in understanding. Even a layman, everything seemed easier, on the menu looked perpadat so clear and easy to run. In the new Payment History, you will find that our earnings and payments will be to differentiate into two separate columns, so that we can more carefully and distinguish between them. Pressing ink details kepaa will provide us information about events surrounding the payment of income and we take an example, a link to the payment details will display information about the payment number, amount, date, and some other information about the payment.

Payment history in the new, there is also a new sub-features, namely Mounthly Balance column, where will i show our income each month. If this column displays the number of more or equal to $ 100 and we have banished all payment holds from our account, payment will be shipped immediately after the month that followed.